International 1961-1969 Impala SS Registry

Dedicated to the showcasing, preservation, and history
of the 1961-1969 Impala SS

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Anyone with a 1961-1969 Impala SS is encouraged to submit the data requested on the registry form. No owner's name, address, or email account will be published unless they so desire. All personal data of this type will be kept in a database. Anyone requesting such data will have their request forwarded to the current owner on file. If that owner wishes to respond, it will be up to the owner, I will only pass along the request. The Impala SS Registry is dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of these cars. 

If you or a friend have any of these 'specially' Chevelles you are encouraged to register them through their respective registries.
* El Camino ~ 1964-1987 El Camino/GMC
* Super Sport ~ 1964-1965 Malibu SS only; 1971-1972 Malibu with Z15 option and any engine except the LS5 engine.
* SS396 ~ 1966-1968 Chevelle SS396 series - 1969 300 Deluxe/Malibu series and 1970 Malibu series with Z25 option.
* LS3 ~ 1970-1972 Chevelle with LS3 option except 1071-1972 with Z15 option.
* LS5 ~ 1970-1972 Malibu series with Z15 SS option and LS5 engine.
* LS6 ~ 1970 Malibu series with Z15 SS option and LS6 engine option.
* L78 ~ 1966-1968 SS396 series or 1969-1970 with SS option and L78 engine option.
* L79 ~ 1965-1968 Chevelle with L79 engine option.
* Heavy Chevy ~ 1971-1972 standard Chevelle with YF3 Heavy Chevy equipment option.
* Laguna Type S-3 ~ 1974-1976 Laguna Type S-3 Chevelles
* Acadian/Beaumont ~ 1962-1971 Acadian & Beaumont Registry

* HHR ~ 2006-2011 Heritage High Roof Registry
* SSR ~ 2003-2006 Super Sport Roadster Registry
* TriFive ~ All 1955-1957 Chevrolets Registry

Where applicable, and with consent from the present owner, his/her name will be noted. If the owner does not wish to be known, their personal information will remain on file with the Impala SS Registry for future use & correspondence and will not be publicly released.

Registry Certificate
Impala SS Registry Certificate of Registration